WEX Fleet One All-Roads Card

All Roads Fuel Card

Powerful Network & Controls

If your business fuels at truck stops or convenience stores, you can count on the All Roads fuel card from WEX Fleet One to buy fuel more efficiently, enforce tight card controls and capture consistent level III data.

The WEX Fleet One All Roads card is accepted at over 7,100 tractor friendly truck stops and over 60,000 convenience stores nationwide.Check out the All Roads Locator.

Enhanced Purchasing Control

Online, All The Time
WEX Fleet One All Roads fuel cards give you the control to limit what your drivers buy, where they buy it and how much they spend with company funds. Plus, you will benefit from extended terms and easy to read reports.

Superior Savings

Immediate benefits
Zero transaction fees at in-network sites and cash price* at truck stops saves you an average of six cents instantly. You can also participate in WEX Fleet One’s flex savings network to receive rebates and opportunities for discounts at thousands of truck stops nationwide.
*Cash price may vary by merchant location. WEX Fleet One makes no guarantees of cash price and will not be held responsible for variance.

All-Inclusive Solutions

The All-In-One Card
From WEX Fuel Management to Factoring and Permits, the WEX Fleet One All Roads fuel card is just one of many solutions we offer to help you keep your business running efficiently.

Nationwide Acceptance

Card Acceptance Everywhere You Are
WEX Fleet One All Roads cards are universally accepted at thousands of merchants across the U.S.