WEX Fleet One Customer Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

About Fuel Cards

Q: How long does it take to get my WEX Fleet One fuel cards if I sign up today?

Approximately 20% of WEX Fleet One accounts receive their cards in fewer than 7 days.The remaining accounts typically receive their cards in 7-10 days. Cards can also be shipped via overnight delivery at the customer's request and expense. In most cases, delays are the result of the slow response time on credit references.

On an existing account, how long does it take to get cards, new or replacement?

Cards are shipped via regular mail on the business day following the first business day after they were ordered. Other forms of shipping are available at the customer's request and expense.


About Products & Services


Q: What is a PlusChek, and how does it work?

PlusCheks are a secure check service. WEX Fleet One PlusCheks work like cash and can be used anywhere traditional checks are accepted. They are perfect when funds are needed, but cards aren't accepted. PlusCheks aren't live until you activate them, and can only be used for the exact amount you authorize. A fee, as outlined in your contract, is applied to your account when you activate a PlusChek.

Q: How do I order a supply of WEX Fleet One PlusCheks?

You may order PlusCheks online at http://www.fleetone.com/PlusCheks/ or by calling WEX Fleet One at 800.359.7587.

Q: Is WEX Fleet One closed on holidays?

Select departments are closed, but Customer Care is always open, 24/7/365.

Q: Whom do I call if I have a problem or question?

WEX Fleet One Customer Care is available 24 hours a day at 800.359.7587. Or send an e-mail to us for more information.

Q: How can I secure a WEX Fleet One Over-The-Road account?

You can obtain a security balance with a letter of credit from a bank, by pre-paying with a cash deposit, or WEX Fleet One can apply you for a line of security through our insurance company. After a method of security has been established and you fall under certain guidelines, your line of credit could be increased upon review.

Q: Can I find out the current balance or available credit on my WEX Fleet One accounts?

The authorized fleet contact may call us or log on to the account management page on our website. If you do not have a password for login, you may contact us by phone to acquire one. You can also view an online tutorial for using our online account management system.

Q: My company headquarters are in another state. Can WEX Fleet One send the WEX Fleet One Over-The-Road bill there and a report to me?

WEX Fleet One can send your daily invoice to multiple email addresses or by fax and email. To change where you would like your bill sent, please call Customer Care at 800.359.7587.

Q: When are payments credited to my account?

Between 8 AM and 5 PM CST, Monday through Friday. Payments received after this time will be credited the next business day, in the order they are received.

Q: How should I ask for a credit limit increase on my account?

Please call 800.359.7587 and select option 4. You can also contact Customer Care.

Q: Why didn't I get my WEX Fleet One Over-The-Road daily fax invoice?

Verify your fax machine is working. If it's functioning and you still have not received your invoice, please call 800.359.7587 and our Customer Care department can have it re-sent to you.

Q: What does the "Run Date" line on my daily invoice mean?

This is the day and time the report was generated. 90% is the available balance on your account at the time the invoice was generated. If more than one payment was sent in a single day, the most recent one will be reflected.

Q: What do I do if my company account reaches its credit line after hours?

Call our Customer Care department at 800.359.7587 where an account representative will determine if we can assist you. There is an overdraft charge of $35.00 per transaction.

Q: Where can I get a copy of a blank WEX Fleet One ElectroniChek?

Call us at 800.359.7587, option 4, to have one sent to you.

Q: What time zone are the fuel times shown on the daily invoices?

Central Standard Time.

Q: How often do I receive my WEX Fleet One invoice? What are my terms for payment?

WEX Fleet One Over-The-Road invoices are generated daily Monday through Friday. The Monday invoice includes the transactions from Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Standard terms on Over The Road accounts for fuel and cash are 7 days from the invoice date. WEX Fleet One Local invoices are sent either monthly or weekly. Monthly invoices are generated on the first day of each month for the previous month's activity. Weekly invoices are generated on Sunday for the previous Sunday through Saturday's activity. In both cases invoices are due 14 days from the invoice date.

Q: What kind of controls can I put on my Fleet One Local card?

You may limit fuel type, gallons, preferred products, repair and maintenance, additives, and odometer readings, which are optional. Drivers can be assigned to certain vehicles or a range of vehicles.

Q: Who can make changes to the account?

Your fleet staff that are listed on the account as a dispatcher or the authorized person. To change authorized personnel, you or contact us by phone at 800.359.7587 or send an e-mail to Customer Care.

Q: How secure is my account?

Only an authorized person on the account will be allowed to make changes. They must give two forms of security information to make changes. The security information is taken by the consultant at the time the account is set up. Upon or during set up of your account, you can choose a password for use on our website. Our website has state-of-the-art encryption. Be assured that your online activity is secure.

Q: When I sign up, are my cards shipped to me "ready to use"?

For security reasons, your cards are shipped inactive. An authorized person on your account will be required to call WEX Fleet One at 800.359.7587 to activate them.

Q: With a WEX Fleet One account, if I only allow my drivers to purchase fuel, but one needs oil, what do I do?

The authorized fleet manager simply calls WEX Fleet One at 800.359.7587, and our Customer Care department will make the necessary changes to the account.

Q: How long does it take to have changes made to my WEX Fleet One card?

WEX Fleet One has real-time controls. Changes made via the Internet, automated phone service, or through our Customer Care department, take effect immediately.

Q: How do I delete or add new cards to my account?

Authorized supervisors on WEX Fleet One Local and Over-The-Road accounts can use our Online Account Management feature to activate and deactivate cards. If you're not signed up and would like to be, please call 800.359.7587.

Q: What kind of Online Account Management does WEX Fleet One offer?

Our Online Account Management system is an easy method of activating cards, obtaining reports, or just checking your account. Use the free service to do the following: Update driver information such as driver ID numbers, name, unit number or trip number, download daily and weekly activity reports. OTR accounts can view specific checks entered and get reports on individual travel centers and their fuel prices by locations or interstate. You can also review outstanding invoices or payments that have been posted to your account in the last 10 days, produce reports by date and reports by drivers, units or cards by state or date order, dispatch funds to a card or directly to a PlusChek, and pay invoices online. You can view a tutorial of our online account maintenance features for more information.

Q: What if WEX Fleet One is not accepted at a location I frequent?

If you have a favorite facility, we will contact them on your behalf. Let us know. Just call us at 866.51.SALES.

Q: Where can I use my WEX Fleet One card?

Both WEX Fleet One Local and Over The Road fuel cards are accepted nationwide. You can also view our Local Site Directory and our Over-The-Road Site Directory.

Q: How do I find a WEX Fleet One Local maintenance shop near me?

You can find the nearest WEX Fleet One maintenance location using our Site Directory. If there is one not listed that you'd like to see added, please contact us at 800.359.7587, and our Merchant Sales staff will be glad to help.

Q: Can the local maintenance shop I currently use be signed up to accept WEX Fleet One cards?

Yes. Please contact us, and we'll make arrangements for card acceptance at your favorite locations.


Site Login and Technical


Q: I have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed but still can't open the pdf file. What is the problem?

If you have an old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, then it is best to upgrade to the newest version at adobe.com. You will need to uninstall the old version first before re-installing Acrobat Reader.

Q: How many website login passwords can I have?

One password per account.

Q: Why am I having trouble logging into my account online?

Please visit the troubleshooting section on our Login page or contact us.

Q: Why is my card not working?

There are many possibilities, but we will be happy to help if you are having problems with your card. Please call 800.359.7587 for more information.