The WEX Fleet One Giving Program

Giving Program

The WEX Fleet One Giving Program is dedicated to a straightforward purpose: to help deserving organizations deliver on their commitments to a better, safer and more vibrant community. The Giving Program at WEX Fleet One helps fund practical, proven programs for deserving non-profits to help people overcome community challenges and uncertainties - leading to better, safer lives where you work and live.

Help WEX Fleet One Help Others

Through our partnerships with charitable organizations, the WEX Fleet One Giving Program's core goal is to help Americans realize their hopes and dreams by connecting people through programs that drive social change. In addition to championing long-established programs around the nation, WEX Fleet One channels our monetary donations to achieve maximum impact.

The criteria for awarding chosen Giving Program nominees is simple:

  • Organizations can request donations directly to their organization; for sponsorships of charitable events and/or for volunteer services
  • All requests made through the program are reviewed by the WEX Fleet One Giving Committee twice a month
  • All requests need to be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of any scheduled event
  • All submissions are required to attach the Charitable Donation Setup Form
  • All submissions are required to attach a current W-9 or W-BEN

If you know of a non-profit organization you'd like WEX Fleet One to sponsor, simply send an email to or complete and submit the form below.

Attach the Charitable Donation Setup form linked above.
Attach a current W-9 or W-BEN
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