About WEX Fleet One


WEX Fleet One provides fuel cards and fleet-related payment solutions to businesses and government agencies with vehicles. We offer fuel and maintenance purchasing controls, detailed reporting, online account management and many additional money-saving services. WEX Fleet One is a division of WEX Inc.

WEX Fleet One offers The Tools Businesses Need To Succeed

  • WEX Fleet One Local is a fuel card program designed for companies and government entities with cars, vans or small trucks.  The secure fuel cards are used instead of cash or credit/debit cards to pay for fuel, maintenance and road-related expenses, and provide customers with purchasing control and online reporting. The card can be used at more than 50,000 fuel and maintenance locations throughout the country, including pay-at-the-pump convenience when available. 
  • The company offers a secure, enhanced GPS tracking system that provides customers with specific fuel stop locations and amenities to be directly communicated with their drivers. GPS offers the security of quickly locating stolen assets, and prevention of off-hour use of equipment or out-of-route miles. Our GPS service offers the convenience of integrated WEX Fleet One fuel card transaction data and GPS reports in one.
  • The Local Merchant program allows the WEX Fleet One Local card to be used for fuel and other fleet management services at thousands of participating convenience stores nationwide. Stores that begin accepting the WEX Fleet One Local fuel card build their business by tapping into a potential new customer base of thousands.  A turnkey Private Label card program is available, which allows the merchant to build its brand and offer commercial fuel cards and consumer ACH cards.  
  • The Over-The-Road Merchant program is an expansive network of fuel and maintenance sites across the country.  Participants benefit from WEX Fleet One’s growing fleet customer base, marketing services and rebate network. WEX Fleet One also offers private label programs to OTR merchants.