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Demystifying Fuel Purchasing

Diesel fuel is by far the largest expense trucking companies make to keep their business going. Do you know where your fuel comes from and how it’s priced? Get smart about your fuel buying power and get these questions answered by viewing our webinar "Demystifying Fuel Purchasing".


Compressed Natural Gas or Liquid Natural Gas

View our webinar "CNG or LNG", and learn from natural gas infrastructure experts about today’s natural gas fueling station network and what this network will look like in the future. You’ll also gain practical information to help you decide whether CNG or LNG is a viable option for your business.

White Papers

Owner Operators 2016

Learn what challenges are common in the transportation industry and how to face them head on. You’ll also understand exactly what it takes for a truck driver to succeed as an independent operator.

Transportation 2016

What’s on the road for 2016? The transportation industry is going through a dramatic transition period. Get the scoop on trucking technology, concern over driver shortages, and the newest HOS regulations.


Whether you’re for or against mandated Electronic Logging Devices, they will be here before you know it. Learn how this will affect your fleet and get prepared for the inevitable.

Driver Retention

Deep dive into driver recruitment and retention in today’s trucking industry. Learn what drivers want and how to use creativity to keep quality drivers working for you.

Growing Your Fleet

Learn key points on what you need to know to grow your fleet in the easiest and safest way possible.

Trucking 2015

The trucking industry is full of surprises, like the plummeting prices of diesel and the huge spike in class 8 truck sales. Find out what other surprises might be in store for 2015.

Telapoint Software

Reinvent your business today with WEX TelaPoint, the only web-based suite of applications built specifically for the fuel supply chain.

Efficient Fuel Purchasing

For motor carriers, fuel is a necessary but extremely costly expense. Read on to learn how a fuel management program can help you manage your fuel costs and make more resourceful buying decisions.

Fleet Card Versus Credit Card

We compare and contrast the practicality of both fleet cards and credit cards for managing fleet fuel spend. Read on to learn which card is best for you.

CNG or LNG: The Fueling Factor

Questions about natural gas vehicles? Many fleet operators are unclear about whether CNG (compressed natural gas) or LNG (liquefied natural gas) is a better alternative. Read on to learn more.

Blended Fleets: Managing Fuel Costs

Are you a company running anywhere from over-the-road to local businesses to residential areas? If so, life just got a little easier. Read on to discover a one-card solution to better manage your blended fleet.


Get some valuable information about the most underestimated vehicle component – the tire! It’s not just a black, round piece of rubber. Tires are the only element connecting your vehicle to the road.

Trucking 2014

The trucking industry is becoming more and more volatile. Find out if tonnage growth will remain robust, and whether or not driver shortages may improve in 2014.

2014 Economic Indicators Survey

A comprehensive look at some of the key issues and game changers facing the trucking industry in 2014, including driver shortage and historic regulatory changes.

Factoring: Growing A Sustainable Business

Learn the history of this not so new phenomenon we call “Factoring” and how it can help your everyday operational costs while boosting your business.

On-Board Safety Systems

The rapidly evolving world of On-Board Safety Systems began with the introduction of roll stability just over 10 years ago. Since then, there’s been a plethora of systems implemented, including collision mitigation.

Eight FAQ’s About Fuel Rebates

Fuel consumption is the number one expense of any trucking operation…that’s why savvy business owners look at rebates as a way to help increase profits. Here’s a look at eight of the most frequently asked questions to ask about fuel rebates when considering a fuel card program.

Taming the Tiger

Managing fuel spending often feels like holding a tiger by the tail. You can't let go, but at any moment, the beast could snap and bite off your hand. Read on to find out information on the best practices for buying bulk fuel and expand your knowledge of strategies that can help you cut costs and better manage your fuel expenditures.

Seven Deadly Mistakes Fleet Owners Make

Seemingly innocuous slippage can reduce profits, hurt morale and end up costing you more than a tank of fuel. Here’s a look at seven common mistakes made by business owners who operate company vehicles, and ways a dependable fuel card program can help minimize these problems.