WEX Fuel Management

Solutions for Fleets, Bulk and Retail

WEX Fuel Management is a suite of web-based applications designed exclusively for our customers wherever they are in the fuel supply chain. These tailored offerings address industry-specific needs to help companies optimize fuel purchases and processes, and adapt quickly to changing market demands. 

Whether you're looking to reduce inventory carrying costs, lower overall fuel and transportation costs, improve your fuel margins, or manage deliveries more efficiently, WEX Fuel Management Solutions (formerly known as Telapoint) can help transform the way you do business.

Our bulk fuel and retail fuel management solutions are flexible enough to optimize your fuel operations on-site or from your desktop. Our professional fuel advisors will help you make your fuel purchases more efficient while increasing your bottom line. 

Protect Your Biggest Investment

Fuel is the lifeblood of any transportation company, but price volatility can undermine your financial success by wreaking havoc with your budget. You can’t control sticker shock at the pump, but you can ensure that all of your fuel purchases are the most favorable to your bottom line.

WEX Fuel Management will examine your pre-negotiated fuel discounts and help you monitor driver compliance with purchases at your discount locations… and maximizing your saving potential.

Think about your current discount program. Can you quickly answer these questions?


How much of your fuel is purchased at discounted truck stops?

Better Manage Your Largest Expense
WEX Fuel Management offers a variety of services to help you control your fuel purchases.

How many drivers fuel where you want them to?

Enjoy Real-Time Information
WEX Fuel Management makes it easy to monitor network compliance.

Can you easily communicate your fuel discounts to drivers?

Empower Your Fleet With Simplified Driver Information
WEX Fuel Management offers 24/7 driver support that's second-to-none in the trucking industry.


Manage your fuel and increase your profitability. Take control of one of the biggest expenses facing your fleet. Put WEX Fuel Management to work for your fleet.