We’re powering insights, efficiency and growth.

Our unique approach is what makes us different.

  • Systems & Technology

    We offer a world-class payments platform operating in a distributed and virtualized environment with redundant and divergent networks and data centers, providing you with unmatched systems flexibility. What this all means – increased stability and reliability of our highly scalable systems. Our unique system architecture enables highly-customized application development which is the catalyst for our Continuous Customer Improvement philosophy.

  • Continuous Customer Improvement

    It’s the core philosophy that drives our innovation with continuous upgrades to our systems to better serve our customers. We make 90% of all custom application development available to all of our customers, so with each new customer, our systems and technology get better and better!

  • Integrated Payments

    EFS delivers a completely connected view of your business with direct real-time integration into your existing transportation management system (TMS). EFS’ real-time interfaces offer complete visibility, complete efficiency and complete control over managing payables inside your business.

  • New Product Innovation

    We leverage our unique systems, technology and direct customer feedback to drive our product development process. We’re continuously innovating and upgrading to help you remain competitive with the latest cutting-edge technology solutions to help move your business forward.


Our knowledge and expertise is built on 50+ years of moving the industry forward.