EFS Fleet Card

Welcome to the revolutionary card that does it all.

The EFS Fleet Card is a powerful, convenient payment solution that responds to the changing dynamics of your business. Customized to your unique needs, the EFS Card is designed to meet the demands of your business, as well as those of your employees or independent contractors.

More security and control. Set purchase limits in real-time and customize at the individual card level with distinct card prompts that validate before authorizing the transaction at the point of purchase. The EFS Card consolidates transactions on a single card, giving you one data point to manage and control purchases, payroll, settlement, cash advances, and more.


The EFS Fleet Card advantage:

  • Best-in-class purchase and financial controls
  • Consolidated transactions on a single card
  • Better authorization controls
  • Card-level programming
  • Superior fraud prevention tools
  • Real-time online account reconciliation
  • 24/7 online and mobile access
  • Seamless system integration with leading third-party software providers