CAT Scale

An easier way to weigh and pay

EFS Card drivers have an easier way to weigh and pay via the Weigh My Truck mobile app from CAT Scale. Drivers can weigh and pay conveniently with their EFS Card using the CAT Scale Weigh My Truck mobile app, and never have to leave their truck. Visit to register and download the FREE mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get started.




Carrier benefits:

  • Impact Hours of Service – significantly reduce scaling time
  • Improve driver satisfaction and convenience – never have to leave their truck, save time scaling
  • Eliminate manual reconciliation
  • Improve accuracy of data capture
  • Electronic record of receipts

Driver benefits:

  • Weigh and pay faster for better on-time delivery
  • Never have to leave the truck
  • Reduce time scaling
  • Electronic receipts emailed directly to the driver ─ and any additional email(s) specified (e.g. A/P, driver manager)