Catch unauthorized purchases in real time with SecureFuel.

Complete transparency into how your fleet is purchasing fuel—all without interrupting your drivers’ operations. SecureFuel uses big data to help identify purchase irregularities, trigger real-time alerts and ultimately helps you better manage and control your second largest variable expense.

  • Turnkey Implementation

    One of the only solutions to leverage your truck’s ECM, avoiding the need for additional hardware installation.

  • Universal Solution

    Works across 15,000+ EFS network truck stop locations

  • Unprecedented Protection

    Catch unauthorized purchases by combining the truck’s telematics with fleet card transaction data in real time

How It Works

  • Step One

    Driver attempts to purchase fuel using the EFS card

  • Step Two

    SecureFuel checks the truck’s location and tank level before securely authorizing purchase

  • Step Three

    Proximity and tank reconciliation results made available to carrier upon purchase completion

Help with ELD compliance when it comes to fuel tax.