Vendor Payments

Simplify vendor payments.

Get paid for paying your bills with EFS’ safe and efficient way to make highly-secured one-time or recurring vendor payments using secure electronic virtual cards. Our virtual cards leverage the Mastercard® Network and allow us to create more secure vendor payments by enhancing purchasing controls and reducing the potential of fraud risk with certain paper-based solutions. It’s simple, safe and secure.

EFS virtual cards are commonly used for vendor payments such as maintenance and repairs, emergency or road repairs, tolls, citations/fines, office supplies, insurance, licenses and permits, training/recruiting/advertising, truck/trailer parts, utilities, employment services and more.

The EFS Vendor Payments advantage:

  • Make highly-secured invoice payments to any vendor who accepts Mastercard
  • Tighten financial controls and improve back-office efficiencies
  • Maximize cost savings and enhance visibility
  • Streamline your payables process

Utilizing big data to drive efficiency.